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Raster To Vector Service, a picture can be either be in raster or vector groups. Despite the fact that these two types are not generally known in that sense, the impacts of both are outstanding and everyone know about it. Pictures in the raster group are generally known by all types of people who do day to day graphics work. The formats are .jpg, .Png format and vector configurations are dependably in .ai, .eps file format. Da Clipping Path provide best raster to vector service.


what is Raster Image?

Raster and vector raster also known as a bitmap, pixel map, simply put, it is the smallest unit constituted by the pixel map, information only point is distorted when scaled. Each pixel has its own color, similar to the computer’s image is a pixel map, you will see a lot to put it into a small spot of color. The gate is the grille, is the vertical and horizontal rows of small cells, small cell small to the extreme, that is the point. For one image, one can understand at a glance.

But the computer you want to put on record the image into a small cell that is a dot, dot grid points the more detailed, the more the image recording will have the details. Also called raster bitmap, bitmap, pixel map, simply put, is the smallest unit constituted by the pixel map ‘information only point. It is distorted when scaling. Each pixel has its own color, similar to the computer’s image is a pixel map, you will see a lot to put it into a small spot of color.

This format suitable for storing graphics Fig irregular, rich color and no regular map, such as photography, scanning. BMP, GIF, JPG, etc. file format. When reproducing, plug-in software on the basis of documents drawn in a dot on the screen. Or are printed out. Raster Graphics Manager RIP is “raster image processor” (Raster Image Processor) shorthand, often referred to as the PS file after interpretation operations into raster lattice data processor or processing software.

It is an important software or equipment printing industry. All output devices such as printers or image setters, etc., we need to have a RIP to drive. Broadly speaking rasterization process is described in a programming language for all pages can be called RIP. But usually we are talking about RIP, mainly refers to the PS interpreter that the PostScript file explains transformed into lattice data processor.

RIP mainly for the following tasks: PostScript deciphered, a PostScript file to parse, interpret the results of the analysis, the establishment of a data structure and operation; curve drawing and filling, in accordance with the requirements of the output resolution, the curve fit line segments, sorting and polygon fill, this is a typical problem in computer graphics, curve mainly related to the cubic Bezier curve; font-handling technology, according to the coding instructions and data to find out the profile curves of each character; screening, according to the resolution of the device gradation data screening, make it into binary dot data. Mainly to control the uniformity of the flat screen, rosettes effect, line screens and screen angles accuracy. Dichroic / color management, support CIE color space, using the ICC profile, you can composite color data in RGB color separation, color conversion.

what is Vector Image?

Vector, also known as object-oriented image or drawing image, is defined as a series of points connected by lines in mathematics. Vector file graphic elements called objects. Each object is a self-contained entity body, it has a color, shape, contour, size and screen location and other attributes. Vector is represented by a series of computations, and FIG therefore vector is mathematically described, in essence, is a lot of mathematical expression programming language.

Is to draw vector graphics based on the geometric characteristics of the vector can be a point or a line, can only rely on software to generate vector files take up less internal space, because this type of image file that contains separate separation image can be no freedom restrictions regroup. It is characterized by a distorted image is not amplified, and resolution-independent, suitable for graphic design, typography and flag design, layout design. In the majority of vector geometry, graphics can be infinitely magnified, not color, not fuzzy. Commonly used in the design, logo, VI, text and other design. Common software: CorelDraw, Illustrator, Freehand, XARA, CAD and so on.

File a small image is saved in lines and blocks of information, the vector graphics resolution and image file size has nothing to do with the complexity of the image is only about a smaller image file storage space occupied. 2. The images can be stepless zoom, graphics scaling, rotation or deformation during operation, the graphic does not produce jagged effects. 3. You can take high-resolution printing, vector graphics files can be on any output device or printer at the highest resolution print printed printout. 4. The biggest drawback is difficult to show rich layers of vivid color images. 5. Effect of vector and bitmap are worlds apart, vector blur not infinite zoom, most bitmap vectors are made out of lead, it can be said vector is a bitmap source code, source code can be edited.

Vectors can maintain its original clarity and curvature, while repeatedly move and change its properties without affecting other objects in the legend. These features make the program particularly suitable for vector-based illustration and 3D modeling, because they often require to create and operate a single object. It has nothing to do with the resolution vector-based graphics. Also most obvious feature vector: vector color edge edges and lines are very smooth, such as the curvature of a line, if there is uneven, then this vector is poor, a patch of color above this is also a lot of small pieces of low-quality, high-quality vector graphics should be, whether you zoom in or out, edge color is very smooth, and very clear, is the same proportion between the lines, and the same thickness, the node the same is very small, in general, are drawn by the bitmap vector imitation of figure it out, first of all there is a map, and then drawing out according to his imitation.