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What is DaclippingPath?

DaclippingPath design expertise on the Internet is a unique combination of retouching studio, creativity and innovation together. Because of the unique international online pool of thousands of designers, each photo can be at any time with the world’s best designers to modify.

What makes DaclippingPath so special?

DaclippingPath beauty is a modified in the future. No long waiting time, there is always a wide variety of results. What models, celebrities and celebrities previously reserved, it is now affordable for everyone. Because DaclippingPath each customer to pay 5, – € only as much as he wants. An innovative crowdsourcing technology in combination with a competitive algorithm allows customers at any time and from any retouching request is always best to retouch the designer requirements per se obtained. Because of this real-time market customers not only a complete cost transparency, but often within 24 hours to determine which designer the possibility to win the competition and thus also by the budget. Coordination and payment acceptance DaclippingPath for designers, allowing designers to focus on what he does best: the “perfect photo retouching.”

What is the client DaclippingPath?

“No monthly fee” – the client is closed from hiding and we do not have a subscription fee. Credit, which is in charge DaclippingPath never expire.

“Simple” – no more trouble with the sophisticated image processing software and Photoshop tutorials, no one can understand.

The “highest quality” – customer choice designer, after seeing the results.

“Money Back Guarantee” – we guarantee our customers, we hope to find a designer price.

“Up to 88% discount” – Beauty retouched $5 . With us, customers pay only as much as he wants.

“24-hour service is possible” – long wait times due to cost estimates, price negotiations and search for studios like are eliminated. Weekends and holidays are also not cooperating with us, because we do not have 24-hour service for our customers.