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DaClippingPath services on your side, call for designer Quick response, reasonable price More than designer / PK program it has been serving 5000 enterprise LOGO design, the key is to be creative! We adhere to arrange more than professional designers through the “Design Contest” way to win more and better logo design work for the customer!


Affordable logo design package

Economic package:

Three designers involved in the creation of the first draft

At least 5 Design

A revised and improved designer finalist

100% of the original copyright + vector source files

Standard package:

5 designers involved in the creation of the first draft

Provide at least 10 models design

Revise and improve the two designer’s finalists

+ Black and white ink artwork for fax and trademarks

100% of the original copyright + vector source files

Luxury Package:

8 designers involved in the creation of the first draft

Provide at least 15 designs

Revise and improve the three designer’s finalists

+ Black and white ink artwork for fax and trademarks

+ Square icon for social media avatar

100% of the original copyright + vector source files

Original Logo Design service Special appreciation:

96.5% customer satisfaction rating. Very satisfied with the design, dedicated people patiently help change, thank you. Atmospheric design, advanced. Very professional, patient and meticulous!! Designer’s patient and meticulous, timely feedback to customer demands! Works simple and clean very satisfied!

Copyright symbol:

All flags on this website design copyright by the respective designers, any unauthorized person cannot be privately theft.

When the employer completed the full amount, and determines the final winning works. Rights-winning works will be automatically transferred to the Project Company or individual.

Logo design copyright violation:

If you suspect a violation of our designers to design your copyright, please be sure to contact us.

Please provide some details:

  1. Your name
  2. Your Phone
  3. Specific URLs violation of copyright works and related information

We will study the information you provide, as soon as possible back to you.

Original repair shop LOGO design service case appreciation:

Germany petrochemicals office type Fresh logo design Commonweal gym takeaway social class Intelligent Technology pet class leasing company health element green flag design game logo design shop class leisure and entertainment new media car logo design jewelry outdoor logo design female elements of the advertising company Bar logo design brand logo design Sports Television company pot shops Import and Export company cosmetics Hardware company gourmet snacks architectural design company home decoration company health care for startups courier electricity supplier logo design alphabetical APP application icon wedding shop Name logo design seal logo design Women logo design shop culture Photography logo design music class training institution investment company financial supermarket logo design coffee logo design Travel hotel logo design cartoon logo design children’s theme Internet companies, consulting firms font logo design wedding logo design food logo design Building Materials logo design foot massage shop maternal logo design website logo design Beauty Salons Trade company Technologies restaurant Hotel nursery Real estate school logo design hospital logo design Wine logo design education class tea logo design decoration company clothing logo design.

Common Problem in Logo Design Service:

DaClippingPath mark the completion of a design how long?

It mainly depends on the time the preliminary draft and revises and improves the time it takes. Normal project our designers will complete the first draft of the creative design of all your items in 3 days. However, you can choose one of our expedited services 24 hours. So our designers will be completed within 24 hours, you gain time.

Design can be satisfied with a refund?

Yes. But first we want you to take a look at our just completed logo design project; design level of our team has a real understanding before deciding whether to choose us. Below are our refund rules:

Preliminary stage dissatisfied — refund 65%

Revise and improve the stage are not satisfied with a refund of 25% —

You can click on the “request a refund” link within the project page at any time to request a refund.

Notes 1. The above fee refund excluding confidential, expedited fees.

Note 2. The economic package, cartoons, design director and invite class orders refund rules are not included.

What kind of file format?

Logo design packages, including JPG, PNG, PDF, and EPS or AI vector source files; pictures / posters, packaging and web design packages, including JPG and PSD files. These different file formats can meet your needs in the network logo and printing. If you have any needs in other formats, please contact us directly, we will provide free of charge.

Upon completion of your logo design and VI provide appropriate business card design?

Of course, as long as you have needs, mark your project after the design is complete, we can further provide business cards and a series of VI design application for your business, improve your corporate image to provide a comprehensive one-stop service.

You can design cartoon / logo mascot like it?

Of course can. We have Cartoon / class mascot logo design package. Details are as follows:

Standard package: 3 designers with 5 Preliminary programs. Late choose a designer finalists, and to revise and improve satisfaction.

Luxury package: 5 designers with eight preliminary programs. Late designers choose two finalists and to revise and improve satisfaction.

Who belongs to the design?

When you have completed all the money, and select your favorite design, all copyright in the design of the whole will all go you or your company. Other unselected manuscripts will continue to have its designers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Specific design to provide those kinds of services?

Our design services cover many areas of graphic design, divided into brand VI, advertising posters, and product packaging three categories. Submit demand content designed according to your needs to choose the right category. If you are unsure of your needs specific categories, choose “Other” Our design consultants will contact you shortly.

Your graphic design services how many charges?

Depending on the category of your choice, our design service package price depends on your work. Specific package price depends on the number of your choice designer. We can arrange up to three designers to provide you with the draft design ideas.

Design service delivery cycle is how long?

Our design process consists mainly of the preliminary PK and revises and improves the two parts. When your payment is successful, we will arrange for the designers to submit preliminary ideas within 48 hours according to your needs. After the designer to determine the specific changes to improve the cultivation time depends on the communication between you and the designers, generally three days to a week or so.

I can specify a certain designer for my services?

If you are interested in the work of a designer’s style and want him to participate in your design services, we will consult with the designer and as far as possible. But we cannot guarantee 100% of your favorite designer must have time to participate in your design tasks.

What are the rough designs PK?

Preliminary PK is mainly to help our customers get more design creativity and find their needs and match designer. Depending on your choice of package, we will arrange 2-3 designers first round preliminary PK, from which you will be able to choose your favorite designers to the next design task.

See a satisfactory design, and I can directly contact the designer to buy?

Oh, cannot we show are for the case before the customer to complete the design and creativity cannot be sold directly oh. Of course, if you like a certain design, you’ll need to submit a design requirement, and tell your designer in the description of it as a design reference object.

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