Corporate Social Responsibility:

Corporate Social Responsibility – Da Clipping Path has always been adhering to the “social return from society” concept of corporate social responsibility and actively participate in public welfare undertakings, the concept of corporate citizenship extends to many areas of poverty alleviation, education, environmental protection, public health, has won the affirmation of all walks of life, many times “best corporate Social responsibility”, “Bangladesh most respected enterprises”, “Bangladesh children’s charity outstanding contribution Award”, “Bangladesh’s low-carbon business model” and other awards.


Corporate Social Responsibility implemented national macroeconomic policies, accelerate the management of change, promotion of sustainable value creation, promoting the “two small” businesses and innovative business growth, promote employment, economic and social development; we continued product and service innovation, promote service ability improvement, provide customers with newer and better service experience; by improving our green credit, increase credit support to green, to carry out operations and green public green, green leading financial innovation, thus contributing to the development of green economy; our professional staff through unimpeded growth path, attention to staff capacity building, to create a good working environment and promoting common development of employees and enterprises; we deepen the concept of social responsibility, to carry out social welfare activities, to participate in community building, and actively contribute to the community, to become a good corporate citizen.

customer service

Good service experience is our unremitting pursuit. Our customer service center to explore upgrade, innovative service models, tailor-made personalized products and services.

Value Creation

Sustainable development and sustainable economic and social development are mutually reinforcing. We continue to enhance value creation capabilities, and actively optimize the credit structure.

Employee Development

Happy employees work to promote sustainable development of enterprises, we adhere to the “people-oriented” to protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees and smooth career path.

Green development

Faced with an increasingly serious environmental problems, the coordination of economic and resource environment for sustainable development is an inevitable choice for today’s society. We always adhere to green operations.

Social Harmony

Sustainable operations of enterprises from society. We insist on compliance integrity management, ongoing poverty alleviation, disaster relief, child care and other social welfare services.

Enterprises not only seek their own interests to maximize the economy, social enterprise as a cell body, or society as a whole accumulation of wealth, social civilization and progress, an important promoter of environmental sustainability. Enterprises in the development process, the need to fully consider the economic, social and environmental triple bottom line, are responsible for the employees, customers, suppliers, the community, the environment and a series of objects. Simply put, corporate social responsibility can be expressed concern staff, and is responsible for the interests of consumers, concerned about environmental protection, rescue groups in society need to be concerned, and so on.