About us – Da clipping Path about us, a young and fast growing company, operates digital photo editing service first and largest real-time market. Da clipping Path goal is the number of “star potential” stuck to come. What models, celebrities and celebrities previously reserved, provided to everyone now. Da clipping Path brings together supply and demand, can benefit from its customers the best picture. Experienced designers retouch photos and customers can choose from a variety of recommendations, best photos. The best part is the customer to decide how best results with high premium designer praise. Whether it is related to the profile picture, photo application, passport photos, vacation photos or wedding.


In short DaclippingPath beautiful pictures from the users of the equipment, and try to modify and cosmetic modifications as convenient as possible exclusive services. With no knowledge of digital image editing software. It is essential that the successful DaclippingPath mature technologies, their development has been investing heavily. The development platform is secure, stable and intelligent. The high number of international designers let DaclippingPath and international high potential unlimited scalability of the business model. The system takes into account various factors, gather customer needs and find the most appropriate design.

In early 2007 the founder of Babul Hossain idea, he and his team in the six months to achieve this innovative real-time market. Before the team from leading venture capital firms and investors, incubators and online network business DaclippingPath collect valuable experience. Continued high demand for our existing customer’s first service allows us to continue to grow, very optimistic about the future. Daclipping path is your best reliable and trustable company in the world.

Da Clipping Path – driven growth company, from the beginning of the establishment of a large number of resources to develop a sound and reliable. The future, Da Clipping Path will pay more attention to the strategic position of outsourcing technology, the development of cloud computing, large data, intelligent logistics, artificial intelligence, AR / VR, intelligent hardware, the latest technology to promote Da Clipping Path to achieve rapid and sustainable growth.